Hallock has a diverse business community. Whether you are looking for auto or farm equipment parts, gifts, groceries or services such as medical, dental or optometric care or a wide variety of other services, you will find what you need right here.

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In recent years, the City of Hallock has had success in assisting commercial and residential development within the city. Through a Tax Increment Financing plan, the City has helped develop a hardware store, eye clinic, motel and bank. The Hallock Economic Development Authority (EDA) was created in 1995 and has helped to develop a motel, restaurant, apartment complex while also participating, on a smaller scale, with several other business expansions.

The Hallock City Council and EDA have begun to shift their focus to industrial and manufacturing. In recent years, availability of land in our 35-acre industrial park has become very limited. The City has purchased an additional 35 acres of land adjacent to the current industrial park. All of these available acres are in the JOBZ zone and have access to water, sewer and natural gas service.

Recently, the City has developed a large residential housing addition. As a result of the 1997 flood, rural residents increased the City’s need for affordable building sites. The City received a grant to develop the housing addition. As of today, nine homes have located in this area. There are several building sites available for sale.

Job Opportunity Building Zones

In 2003, the Minnesota Legislature past legislation designed to help stimulate investment in rural Minnesota. Hallock has created several Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ). JOBZ allow substantial tax relief to companies who locate or expand within JOBZ acreage. The state and local tax exemptions would include corporate and individual income taxes, real estate tax on the increased valuation and sales and use tax on new investment. The tax incentives are designed to last through the year 2016.

To qualify for the tax exemptions, a company would need to re-locate or expand within the JOBZ acreage. The company would need to enter into an agreement with the City of Hallock, meeting certain employment goals and wage standards.

For more information about JOBZ, contact City Clerk, Ryan Evenson at 218-843-2737 or visit the State of Minnesota's JOBZ website by clicking here.

Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is an incentive that has been widely used throughout Minnesota over the last 30 years. A developer has an opportunity to “capture” the real estate taxes paid on a property for several years after the development of the property. The developer does not capture all of the taxes paid, only the increased taxes resulting from the improvements made or increase in taxable value (increment). Developments such as retail and services that are not eligible for JOBZ could likely qualify for TIF.